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On-Grid Rooftop Solar System

On-grid is the most common and widely used solar system for homes and businesses. These systems use common solar inverters, are generally placed on top of the roof
But, the main appeal to most people of on-grid solar systems is that they are tied to your local utility’s GRID.

Any excess solar power you generate is exported back into your local electricity grid, allowing you to get paid a ‘feed-in-tariff’ (FiT) or build credits that you can cash out at the end of the year in a process called ‘net metering.

This on-grid system is what most residential homes will use, as you are covered if your solar system either under or over-produces. Your electric utility company acts as your battery space.

Advantages of on-grid systems

• You do not have to buy an expensive battery backup system to store any excess energy, this utility is a 100% efficient battery in itself
• You will not need to implement any change to your lifestyle or means of conserving electricity
• You will love receiving your credits from your local electricity grid provider for any unused energy that you have generated (on top of already reduced electricity bills!)

Off-grid Rooftop Solar System

Off-grid solar systems are not connected to the local electricity grid, and therefore require their own source of battery storage solution, as well as the solar panels and the inverter.

Power that’s generated by the system is used to power the home and appliances, with any leftover power stored in batteries to use of an evening or on a rainy day.

Off-grid systems are often needed in remote areas that are too far away from the local electricity grid, and therefore must be designed to ensure that they will generate enough power throughout the year and have enough battery capacity to meet the requirements of the premises – even in Winter when there is less sunlight.

The additional cost of batteries means that off-grid systems are more expensive than on-grid systems.

However, battery costs are now reducing rapidly which means there is growing enthusiasm for off-grid systems in cities and towns.

Advantages of off-grid solar systems

  • If on an off-grid system, you are 100% self-sustaining your energy use as you are not connected in any way to your local grid’s power system or utility company
  • The cost of your energy is predictable, as you can amortize the cost of purchase and installation over the lifetime of the system. A good warranty can mean that without unexpected future costs, the return on investment can be calculated. When you compare this to the often high and fluctuating commercial energy costs, it is an attractive proposition.
  • These systems are good in terms of expandability as your energy needs change over time
  • They help prompt you to make efficient use of your electricity, which is good for the environment

Solar Water Pump

A solar pump or PV pump is a pump that runs on electricity which is generated by photo-voltaic panels. The difference between a normal electric pump and a solar pump is that the solar pump operates on Direct Current (DC) while a normal electric pump works on Alternative current (AC). The DC current produced from the PV panels is delivered to the controller and then directly to the pump. When the sun’s irradiation is high, more current is transferred to the pump and the pump works on higher speed pumping greater volume of liquid. Further, if an AC pump is used, an inverter is necessary to convert the DC generated from PV panels to AC. However the panel and inverters must be sized accordingly to accommodate the inrush characteristic of an AC motor. Since DC systems tend to have overall higher efficiency levels than AC pumps of a similar size, the costs are reduced as smaller solar panels can be used.

The operation of a DC solar pump is more economical due to low maintenance costs and zero operation costs. This product is very useful where the electricity is expensive or it is unavailable.

Solar powered water pumps are used for many applications, mostly in countries that have water transportation problems such as Africa and India. This technology is used to deliver drinking water as well as for irrigation purposes and swimming pool filtration. It has been known in Cyprus for the past few years and is used much in the hotel sector for swimming pool filtration and submersible applications.


  • Zero energy costs provide a very fast return on investment
  • Longer life expectancy than standard AC motors
  • Quiet and efficient
  • Speed controllable to match the pool size exactly
  • Smart modular design for simple and cost effective servicing and repair
  • Fast and simple installation, direct replacement for an existing pool pump

Solar street light

We deliver street solar lighting solutions to meet today’s sustainability challenges, making off-grid solar street lights a viable, positive alternative to grid-tied lighting. From parking facilities, roads, bus shelters and retail & business parks to the most isolated areas, Our solutions are the right choice for all your urban projects!

The advantages of photovoltaic solar lighting

  • 100% solar, not connected to the utility grid. High availability, no outages.
  • Powerful illumination on a par with grid-connected systems to meet all your requirements, even on the most demanding projects!
  • No maintenance for the first 10 years. Quick and easy installation.
  • No operating costs.
  • Designed to withstand the most extreme climatic conditions and temperatures (incl. wind loads to EN40).
  • Meets the strongest commitments to environmental protection.

The added benefits of solar street lighting:

  • superior power and dependability
  • Lighting performance and uniformity equal to grid-connected systems, meeting all project requirements, even the most demanding. The solar street lights guarantee lighting 365 nights a year.
  • Smart solar management system. Adjusts illumination according to remaining battery power. Remote control and monitoring system.
  • First service at 10 years. Five-year warranty.
  • Designed to withstand the most extreme climatic conditions (–40°C to +70°C) and high wind loads (EN40 compliant). Vandal-proof system.
  • Blends elegantly into the landscape. Ideal for all types of projects.

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