3D-M_100 m

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3D-M_100 m



  • Wind Resource Assessment
  • Micro-siting and Review of Wind Farm
  • Wind Measurement in Complex Terrain and Wind Measurements in Frozen Areas
  • Power Curve Test of Wind Turbine
  • Post Evaluation of Wind Farm
  • Wind Power Prediction System
  • Atmospheric Physics Research
  • Meteorological Detection and Environmental Monitoring
  • Measurement of High-altitude Wind Profile

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Product Description

Mast Height 100m
Anchor Radius 30 m – 80 m
Guy Wire 8 mm RHOL galvanised wire
Guy Wire Specification BS EN 12385-5:2002 (upgrade available for coastal sites)
Galvanising BS EN ISO 1461 (85 micron—upgrade available for coastal sites)
Design Specification ANSI/TIA-222G standard for basic wind loads and EIA/TIA-222-G standard for twist and sway
Survival wind speed 70 m/s @ 3sec gust
  • Fittings
  • G.I. Coiled and terminated guy wires
  • Individual guy tensioners (Turnbuckles)
  • D-shackles,
  • Thimbles
  • Wire grips (Bulldog clip)
  • Safety fall arrester rope,
  • Sensor Insulators for all sensors as per client requirement
  • Aviation Light.
Designed Lifetime Approx. 10 years if maintained well and in accordance to manufacturers specifications
Red-White Painting FAA Complaint
Aviation signals FAA and ICAO complaint.


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